Jacob Lowe

Published ● 1 min read

Discontinuing the Mujō Web Extension

I’ve come to the difficult decision to discontinue the Mujō web extension. While it’s been a labor of love for some time, there are a few key reasons I’ve chosen to take this step.

It Deserves More Attention Than I Can Give

Despite my best intentions, there were times the extension became glitchy—becoming unresponsive or providing a subpar user experience. This isn’t what I envisioned or want for my users. The quality should always be paramount.

AI-Predicted Breaks Became Costly

I’m no AI engineer, and while our predictive AI technology did its job, it came at a significant cost—one that’s no longer justifiable for me. I could’ve considered external services for more affordable predictions, but I didn’t want to compromise user data by involving third parties.

What’s on the Horizon for Mujō?

The future direction of Mujō is still taking shape, but I’ve been mulling over a few possibilities for when the right opportunity arises.

Pivoting to Mobile

The shift towards mobile has been undeniable, and it’s imperative for me to align with this evolving landscape.

Improving AI Models

Currently, I’m working with limited datasets for training the Mujō model. I believe there’s potential for enhancement—if we can develop a superior model and adopt a more refined approach to training.

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