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Calendar events that won't give you anxiety

Make your calendar events more meaningful and less stressful using Mujō.

October 03 2022

2 minute read

Learning AI with AI

How I used GitHub Copilot to learn how to use Tensorflow

October 10 2022

4 minute read

A lookback at 2021

My thoughts on 2021, and my place in it.

December 30 2021

4 minute read

Finch GraphQL - a chatty bird.

Modernizing communication with-in extensions.

July 28 2021

5 minute read

In love and war, augmenting the web.

How Toucan tries not to break your site.

May 23 2021

4 minute read

Compass of Narvil

Finding the directions to grief.

July 24 2020

2 minute read

Growing a digital flower

How I made a unique digital flower for each user of my app.

May 01 2020

7 minute read

I took social media off my phone for 30 days and this is what happened.

Why did I allow this piece of equipment to have an abusive relationship with me.

August 31 2019

5 minute read

A billion dollar mindset toward breaks.

Sitting at my desk I had an overwhelming feeling doing to much but also getting nothing done.

May 25 2019

6 minute read

Falling in love with the things I have instead of the things I don't

My journey back to minimalism

May 23 2019

6 minute read

Harness the back button.

in unusual ways.

May 23 2015

2 minute read

Tracking link exits

while preserving native browser functionality.

December 15 2014

2 minute read

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Jacob Lowe

I am a founder of Mujō.

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