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Compass of Narvil

July 24 2020


2 minute read

Finding the directions to grief.

Growing a digital flower

May 01 2020


7 minute read

How I made a unique digital flower for each user of my app.

I took social media off my phone for 30 days and this is what happened.

August 31 2019


5 minute read

Why did I allow this piece of equipment to have an abusive relationship with me.

A billion dollar mindset toward breaks.

May 25 2019


6 minute read

Sitting at my desk I had an overwhelming feeling doing to much but also getting nothing done.

Falling in love with the things I have instead of the things I don't

May 23 2019


6 minute read

My journey back to minimalism

Jacob Lowe
Jacob Lowe

I am an EM at PlayVS and the founder of Mujo LLC. I believe that tech should be more human and allow humans to better their lives

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