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Become a 10x Engineer by Avoiding Burnout

July 25th 2019

Do not burn yourself out. Sitting at my desk, I had an overwhelming feeling doing too much but also getting nothing done. I would look back at my time and think I did a lot of things, but I just do not recollect any of them. It's like my body was on autopilot and my mind was taking a nap.

Visualizing sound on the web

February 25th 2017

A talk about creative coding, and some audio visualization APIs

jsla Module of the Month Babel

May 29th 2015

Module of the month is a segment that highlights one of the many npm modules that make Node.js so great. This month's module was babel

jsla Module of the Month LevelUp

August 28th 2014

First in a series of Module of the Month presentations: LevelUp

Native NodeJS Apps

May 29th 2014

Native NodeJS apps are a relatively new breed of apps coming out of the NodeJS community that combine NodeJS and Webkit. Ill be going over : what are the options out there, what kind of things can these apps do compared to webapps, what are the current pro/cons of making a NodeJS native app, and more.